Tax foreign logistics companies instead of tolling South Africans

Why can’t Sanral, the Minister of Transport and CBRTA not work together with Customs in putting e-tolls at all the borders for the foreign trucks entering South Africa?

We as South African transporters pay Botswana road tolls for a truck trip to and from South Africa. It costs around 1 190 pula, which is R1 416 for each trip. Also, insurance is 50 pula or R60 every three months and then a levy of 40 pula or R47 per year.

In Zambia, we pay a toll fee of $205 or R2 050 from the Botswana/Zambia border up to DRC border per truck per trip.

Insurance for horse and trailers is approximately R2 750 every three months, and then carbon tax is R400 every three months.

Going into the DRC, Zambia customs parking is two-times $133 or R26 600 per truck… etc.

No foreign transporters pay when entering South Africa.

They don’t even use our N1 or any of the highways, due to hijackings.

Not less than 200 trucks per day are entering South Africa’s border so why not charge them at least R2 000 at the border when submitting there docs to customs for clearing then everybody in South Africa can win from this.

I’ve been with this case to Glenda Serero and they are busy with investigations, but think this can be a good start not only for us as transporters but everybody.