Bring sustainability to your supply chain, in three steps

According to PwC’s Global Supply Chain Survey 2013 (PDF), more than two-thirds of supply chain executives said sustainability will play an increasing role in the supply chains of the future. It’s clear that growing consumer demand and increasing legislation have begun to shift the perception of sustainable supply chains from “nice to have” to “need[…]

Kellogg will require suppliers to disclose carbon emissions

Admin- Cereal maker Kellogg says it’s stepping up efforts to reduce carbon emissions in its supply chain as part of a broader initiative to be more environmentally friendly. The Battle Creek, Michigan-based company said Wednesday it will require key suppliers such as farms and mills to measure and publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. It’s[…]

Sustainability Reporting in the US on the Rise

Admin– External assurance for sustainability reports is a growing trend in the US, and the number of US companies publishing externally assured sustainability reports rose from 10 percent in 2011 to 16 percent in 2013, according to a research report by Global Reporting Initiative North America. On a global scale, the number of companies publishing[…]