ADPO NV and Solventis Ltd, a Joint Logistics Project

ADPO NV and Solventis Ltd are pleased to announce that they have entered into a long term agreement to develop a new 12ha tank storage terminal on the left bank of the River Scheldt to be called ADPO Liefkenshoek Logistics Hub or ADPO LLH.

Phase 1 of construction is already well advanced. The tailor made logistic configuration for the exclusive use of Solventis Ltd will be accessible by road, rail and water and will house the following:

• 27.000 m3 mild steel and 10.000 m3 stainless steel tank capacity

• 10.000 m2 chemical storage warehouse

• Two fully automatic drum- and IBC filling stations

• 3ha ADR iso container parking area

• A multi-purpose stainless steel blending plant

Phase 2 allows for development of a further 60.000 m3 of free tank storage capacity.

Completion of Phase 1 is scheduled for May 2015.

ADPO NV has for many years been a principal provider of logistic services to Solventis Ltd at its Kallo (HQ) terminal in the Port of Antwerp and this Agreement will provide Solventis Ltd with additional storage capacity as well as enabling the company to concentrate its drum and IBC filling operations and blending activities on one site. David Lubbock , CEO of Solventis Ltd said “ We are delighted to be working with ADPO to create a ‘state of the art’ terminal in Antwerp as the heart of the chemical distribution center for Europe, to help us further our aims to grow as a global distributor of solvents and a manufacturer of Automotive products’.