$35m Rand Refrigerated Logistics food distribution centre at Direk creates more than 100 jobs

MORE than a hundred jobs will be created at Direk next month when a $35 million food distribution centre opens.

Rand Refrigerated Logistics’ 10,500 sq m centre includes an office, chiller, freezer, truck wash and warehouse.

Rand marketing manager Ed Fragapani said up to 130 positions needed to be filled at the centre.

Positions include administration roles, drivers and packers.

He said employees at Rand’s Dry Creek base would also eventually move to the Direk centre.

The project is the latest addition to the Vicinity industrial estate at the corner of Heaslip and Edinburgh roads, which is being developed by Walker Corporation.

Walker Corporation national industry manager Claire Boenne said more companies were looking to Adelaide’s north, which would result in increased employment opportunities.

She said cheap land in comparison to the rest of Adelaide, coupled with and Salisbury and Elizabeth’s proximity to Port Adelaide, made it an attractive place to do business.

She said the estate would eventually be home to about 4000 workers.

Since 2011, logistics companies Toll NQX and Cahill Transport have made Vicinity their base.

Warehousing and distribution businesses Kimberly Clark and Nick Scali and manufacturers Bonney Welding, Fire Fabrication Services and Diverse Industry Group have also setup shop in the area.

“The ripple effect of this employment in the surrounding area has already been profound, creating hundreds more jobs in companies which supply or contract to companies now located at Vicinity,” Ms Boenne said.

A recently completed intersection at the estate would make it easier for B-triple road trains to access businesses, Ms Boenne said.

“We have sold around 5ha of land in the last 12 months and the most recent sale was 9000sqm to a local developer who will construct and lease back a service station and unmanned diesel stop to Caltex,” she said.